02 Jan 2014, 18:51

Behaving Badly

I found an inexpensive “dog repeller” that I am quite looking forward to employing on the neighbor’s dog. Making unpleasant faces has not silenced the racket to date, so I’m thinking this bit of strategic escalation will improve my lot substantially.

Also, on an unrelated product review, I don’t know how you get a “Real Name” badge with the following handle:

“Oh yes, we always did love that Shaggy1944 McDaniels. Too bad he always spoke in all caps.”

We are embarking upon what I see as probably the final two phases of the moving and settling in to the new house, with a final push to hang pictures and get our decor items spread throughout the house, plus painting a few more rooms upstairs. Then, pretty soon we’ll be furnishing Claire’s “big girl room” and getting all that settled. It will be nice to feel like we’ve properly settled the house within a year of moving!